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freedom tower miami mural,new world Mural 1988


About the Miami Artisans 1988
Wade Foy created the Miami Artisans in 1987. As a registered State business with insurance and liability, Artists and artisans were able to be commissioned and the group were able to submit more than one entry for design projects. In 1987 the Opa Locka City Hall Chambers Ceiling and walls were decorated. A fire at the Venetian Pool halted a restoration and The New World Mural 1513, would take precedence. Researching Libraries and Museums, rereading the River of Grass, the excitement of the burials by the Lake in 1987 and the growing strength of the local tribes made the redesigning of features and introducing new symbolic elements more justified.

Wade Foy had studied in Italy and Greece, his understanding of the historical significance of the mural's design was profound, aware that ''we were making history'' as he often said in the studio. Wade invited John Conroy to work on the mural from New York. John's family are antique dealers and John has an immense knowledge of American History and equally as detailed as his brush work. William and John went on to work together for several years for Miami Dezign, Coconut Grove Playhouse and private charity events. Wade died suddenly in 1995. it was very tragic and shocked his Friends and family.

The research and design of the New World Mural and it's main focal points or features are to the credit of The artists responsible for the research redesign and new recreation, in 1987/88 Miami Florida. painted by Miami Artisans in 1988 Wade S. Foy, John Conroy, William Mark Coulthard, Phylis Shaw, Gerome Villa, Ana Bikic. to celebrate its hanging in the summer of 88.

The Miami Artisans were well trained Fine Artists with years of experience working together and on large scale canvas drops. They were trained by recognised masters and had their own considerable talent too. The commissioning Architect Mr. Richard Heisenbottle trusted Wade Foy and his Artists to recreate a mural out of scraps and snapshots of the original. They were given artistic licence to interrupt and redesign where necessary. He believes it is this accomplishment that has led to the mural's mistaken age by the Documentary Historians.

After the split up of the group and death of Wade, it has been a slow road to collecting the evidence to prove this true recreation. With the generous help of dedicated historians and friends, the City Officials will now have these photo files and statements, so that the Miami Artisans can finally have credit were credit has been long over due !!
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